Does your apartment building need repairs in order to sell? Would you like to maximize the value of your apartment building when you sell? You can obtain a loan to complete the work and not make any payments until you sell. No loan payments and the loan is not due until you sell. Get "top dollar" for your property with no out of pocket expenses.

We help you:

► Create a plan that gets the most out of your property.

► Customize a strategy to meet your financial goals according to your investment plan.

► Make improvements to your property so it sells for TOP DOLLAR!


► Implement a property management plan that reduces or eliminates downtime in cash flow.

► We have the contractors to complete the work and the lenders with money to lend!

► Repay the loan when you sell! No payments!

How it works:

• You will have an offer on your apartment building in 24-48 hours.

• We will purchase your property in “as is condition” at a mutually agreed upon price.

• We will maximize the upside potential of your building with our 30+ years' experience in buying and flipping apartment buildings throughout Southern California.

• We will put up the funds to rehab the property at cost plus.

• We will provide professional property management at no cost for 3 months.

• We split the profits on the upside above the agreed upon set price and cost.

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To find out more information about our Southern California Apartments Shared Equity Creation Program and how our services can benefit you, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you. Or for a faster response give us a call at 714-742-3700.