→ Make improvements to your property so it SELLS for TOP DOLLAR!

→ We have the contractors to complete the work and the lenders with money to lend!

→ Repay the loan when you sell! No payments!

RE/MAX Commercial is a full service real estate brokerage helping investors achieve outstanding returns on their investments by providing an extensive marketing program, investment analysis and knowledge gained from over 30+ years of experience.

We specialize in adding value and achieving excellent returns for our investors through strategic acquisitions and property repositioning, including renovation, leasing, and management improvements. RE/MAX Commercial strategic acquisition programs include the purchase of distressed residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California.

RE/MAX Commercial's Apartment Sales Division team is active in the purchase of residential and commercial properties through short sales, and through direct contacts with the lenders and property owners. RE/MAX Commercial's Apartment Sales Division team of analysts, agents and principals are constantly monitoring the real estate market looking for investment opportunities. We are experts in quickly assessing a property's current and potential value. RE/MAX Commercial's Apartment Sales Division and its affiliates provide an unsurpassed level of service throughout the investment process, including the acquisition, management, renovation and resale of the properties.

Since 1988 RE/MAX Commercial's Apartment Sales Division has provided a full complement of real estate asset management services to private and institutional property owners. During this 30+ year period, RE/MAX Commercial's affiliates have syndicated and acquired hundreds of investment properties, including office buildings, industrial properties, retail properties, apartments and single family homes.

We have the infrastructure and experience to handle every stage of the property repositioning that would increase income, reduce operating expenses, and increase value.

Lending Program

Fast fundings and streamlined paperwork! Loans can be closed is as little as 3 days! That is certainly not the norm, but given 10 to 15 days and your loan will fund fast and easy.

• Loans are collateral driven and not equity-based.

• Repay the loan when you sell! No payments!

Establish Quality Property Management

We help you increase rents and reposition your apartment building to make it more desirable for investors.

Attract Quality Tenants - Make improvements to your property that tenants appreciate. That in turn creates the desire for the tenants to stay in your property for a long time. This also results in lower vacancy rates, lower turnover and increased annual gross income.

Increase Income

  • • Assess the market rental rates and provide current rent comps
  • • Adjust rents to market level
  • • Make improvements to justify higher rents

Capital Improvements to Add Value

Adding quality and higher level finish improvements to unit interiors and exteriors to demand and receive higher rents in comparison to similar units in the area.

Reduce Expenses

  • • Eliminate waste
  • • Use of energy efficient lighting and fixtures
  • • Minimize turnover

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We have a 30+ year track record of buying, rehabbing, and managing Southern California apartment buildings and commercial properties.
We can show you how the pros do it.