Landlord Inspections: What To Look For During A Rent Inspection

Landlords have the legal right to check out their rental property while they are occupied by tenants. This can be done as long as the proper notification is given and the reasons for the visit conforms to state laws. Some states allow regular inspections while others specify that there must be a certain reason for the.... Read More

Still Room to Run for Multifamily, Despite Prolonged Cycle

Although the recovery is starting to show signs of strain and market players are increasingly gaming out downside scenarios, 2019 should be another good year for the multifamily industry. Demand is expected to stay healthy as long as job growth remains positive and young adults and retirees choose apartments.... Read More

A Basic Guide To Landlord And Tenant Responsibilities

We are going to dive into the not so fun, but always relevant, topic of responsibility. Laws vary between states, and even cities, so pay particular attention to your jurisdiction’s laws. Additionally, the lease will have specific rights outlined that must be obeyed.... Read More

Employment, Supply and Occupancy Trends Forecast Rent Growth

■ Volatility in the financial markets over the last few months has been caused by concerns about a slowdown in global economic growth and policy uncertainty that includes the potential for increasing tariff fights.

■ Despite the volatility in stocks and unexpected rally in Treasury prices, economic fundamentals such as employment and GDP remain.... Read More

Multifamily: Calm Amid the Storm

■ U.S. multifamily rents remained at $1,419 in December, and year-over-year growth was 3.2%, also unchanged from November. Rent growth has been flat since the summer.

■ 2018 proved to be a solid year for the multifamily sector, and 3.2% rent growth slightly exceeded going-in expectations. Despite the recent volatility in the financial markets, we foresee more of the same in 2019, with strong demand producing rent growth.... Read More

California’s Role in the National Housing Recovery

The housing market has come a long way from its lowest point recorded in 2012, regaining $10.9 trillion in value over the past six years, according to a study by Zillow.

The market, which was worth a cumulative $33.3 trillion in 2018 is now worth $4 trillion more than what it was at the peak of the housing bubble,.... Read More

9 Tips For Getting Your Property Ready To Rent

A turnover gives you a little time to spruce up a rental in a way you can’t while it’s occupied. You may not need to do a major cleanup or repair, but you can take care of some of the small but important details that make a rental attractive to quality tenants and ready to rent. You should always make repairs necessary to satisfy habitability requirements, but don’t stop there..... Read More

Why Do Tenants Not Pay Rent?

Late paying tenants are one of the biggest headaches for a landlord. An experienced landlord will build late fees into their lease and do proper tenant screening to avoid this issue.

However, even the best landlords can still deal with late paying tenants.

A question worth asking, is why do tenants not pay rent on time?.... Read More

Expectations for the Housing Market

Fannie Mae’s Chief Economist Doug Duncan expects economic growth to come in at 3.1 percent—recording an expansion high before it slows down to 2.3 percent the coming year and 1.6 percent in 2020. He noted that a fading fiscal policy, worsening net exports, and moderating business investment are.... Read More

How To Evict A Tenant From A Rental Property

The eviction process in eight steps

Even if you screen tenants thoroughly, you might find yourself in a situation where you must evict a tenant. Evictions happen for a variety of reasons, but failing to pay rent is the most common.

Eviction can feel difficult and complicated, but it’s part of the business of managing rental properties. If a tenant can’t pay, you should remove them from your.... Read More

How Indexing Capital Gains To Inflation Would Impact California’s Housing Market

President Trump recently proposed another tax cut — this one for homeowners of expensive property. Currently, the principal residence profit exclusion allows home sellers who have lived in their home for at least two of the last five years to exclude up to $250,000 (single-filers) or $500,000... Read More

9 Steps To Successfully Turning Over A Rental Property

In an ideal world, landlords would have amazing tenants that would stay for many years in a row and turnovers would happen rarely. However, in the real world, most landlords have to deal with rental unit turnovers all too often. When tenants deliver a non-renewal notice to you, meaning they will no longer be living in the rental when the lease expires, you can... Read More

Price-To-Rent Ratio Soars in California

The average price-to-rent ratio in California continues to rise in 2018, meaning costs are rising more quickly for homebuyers than renters. The price-to-rent ratio is 18.15 as of September 2018, up from 17.28 a year earlier. Recently, this ratio was at its lowest at the tail-end of 2011 when it... Read More

Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level

This option is cheaper than hard money, with the flexibility of cash. Whether you lack the surplus cash, or prefer to leverage OPM (other people's money), our unsecured business lines of credit (BLOC) program may be a compelling and beneficial option for you.

Imagine Never Using Expensive Hard Money or Your Own Credit Again to Fund Your... Read More