About Mike Lembeck

Mike Lembeck is a native Southern Californian and has lived in the area his entire life. This has allowed Mike to become familiar with all the different apartment building locations within the cities he services. This expert knowledge along with his familiarity with the Southern California multifamily apartment market make him an expert in apartment building sales. Mike is a founding member of the Commercial REO Brokers Association and is a member of The Realty Investment Assoc. of Orange County (RIAOC). Mike has an

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Marketing Program

The standout qualitative difference between our company and an area-bound local agent's is that we are a non-local, unbounded, professional marketing company, more like an advertising agency than a real estate company, and like an advertising agency with branches the world over that brands and represents products to buyers the world over, we also brand our clients’ properties for success in the International market.

Maximum Exposure = The Best Price

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Property Reposition Program

RE/MAX Commercial is a full service real estate brokerage helping investors achieve outstanding returns on their investments by providing an extensive marketing program, investment analysis and knowledge gained from over 30+ years of experience. We specialize in adding value and achieving excellent returns for our investors through strategic acquisitions and property repositioning, including renovation, leasing, and management improvements. RE/MAX

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